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The Financial Business

The career in business and finance was the area I wanted to concentrate much on since the time I was in high school. Back then, I had no skills or qualities, but my passion for business and finance career was the motivation behind me pursuing a successful career in that discipline. As far as I can remember, it has always been my thing wanting to research financial brokerage, banking system, not to mention the defined contribution consulting. I recall when I was at the university how my course mates used to consult me when it comes to matters related to finance. Perhaps, I may be talented in that area. I have always looked up to my father as my inspiration. He is a director in one of the successful business organizations in the country. My father has successfully run the company for 17 years. I went to New York University, where I obtained both an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance. My relevant education opened the door for me to work for one of the prestigious finance organizations in the United States. In the future, I would like to own a consulting firm. In many life aspects, we have to use the field of business, and that is why I wanted to be in that field so badly.

At the time when I was schooling, I could work at my father’s company during the holidays, where I partook specialized positions in the company such as operations, marketing, and financial analysis. Through those experiences, I learned how to overcome business obstacles that hinder growth continuation and profitability, without mentioning the capability to understand business operations. Any business entity has to project beyond the numbers to the business trends and drivers. Before I decided what I wanted to pursue, I struggled to deal with anxiety and the fear of the unknown as my peers seemed way too far and elaborated in terms of their specific interests and desired career goals. Initially, I felt lost and quickly overwhelmed any time I asked myself the dreaded question of “what is my purpose in life?” However, the issue could be less provoking if I looked at the matter on a small scale. My father and I discussed the problem, and I made the decision based on my career passion.

My family always cautioned on matters involving career selection and emphasized that I should figure out what I want to do and, in return, make a career out of it. Fifteen years ago, based on the little business philosophy I knew, I was all set and determined. Before joining the university, my interests were elaborate that I had to study business and finance. I always looked forward to learning close to all the units in the business and finance course, with my final projects coming as the most challenging tasks. Studying business and finance was quite a daunting task since there is much effort required in the mastery of financial mathematics and many business processes. Besides, there was minimal time to roam around the university like my colleagues did since their courses were not as demanding. Eventually, my school projects guaranteed me several enviable positions with well-established financial firms in New York City. I went through those offers, and I decided to join Morgan Stanley Investment banking company.

As a defined financial analyst with Morgan Stanley Investment banking company for the past five years, I have created a strong teamwork foundation that effectively executes all tasks related to the company’s finances and carefully solves the company’s financial problems. Tactically, my group is comprised of seven individuals. Our extraordinary cooperation has been the key to our successful operation in the finance sector. As the chief strategist of the group, I have been able to play a significant role in contributing to my colleagues in various ways, such as strategizing and accurately accomplishing multiple financial analysis requests while meeting the stipulated deadlines. Additionally, I have to gather and convey information from the company’s clients, collect and calculate data, maintain databases, without mentioning to strengthen my knowledge foundation to be implemented as a resource. Perhaps, I dedicated myself to serving team excellently, and all those experiences have served to provide an expansive career opportunity in business and finance, more precisely in consulting. With that said, I feel like I am at the plateau in creating the essential analytical skills significant towards the realization of my goals of the firm.

As a successful leader serving one of the best financial organizations in the United States, it is a prerequisite to understanding all the features of an organization outside the financial analysis, for example, operations, administration, or even marketing. It came to my understanding that my quest to learn and understand different business aspects groomed me, and I had quite an easy time understanding my colleagues’ suggestions as well as getting my points across. By attending New York University, I was able to get the exposure in the world’s financial center in terms of both the practices and theories. I attained a deeper understanding of management concepts, and I have always applied those concepts effectively to my profession and in real-life encounters. I hope to work on my lack of patience as a weakness and, at the same time, learn how to get the group members to carry their burden. With all the odds, I would hate being a tyrant. As an effective leader, the managers and organizational leaders must put power and compassion into equilibrium. Through that route, I have managed to lead my team of people and achieved organizational set goals.

Following the successful completion of my educational programs, I am honored to work for one best financial institutions. Based on the excellent preparation and foundation that New York University provided me with, I have excelled among my peers, and more importantly, I have been able to climb up the corporate ladder eventually. Honestly, the journey to my career has been a tough one to call, nothing less than toil and hard work. The competition is fierce both at the bottom and the top, and everyone in the business is working tirelessly to ensure they achieve their stipulated goals. Once I feel like I have indeed served it all and grasp all the essential knowledge, I would like to set up a consulting firm specializing in the retirement services area. Ultimately, grow my business by also focusing on other areas of consulting, for instance, life insurance and actuarial. I would start by forming my client base within the United States and eventually expand to overseas, more precisely the Asian market as its defined contribution foundation is still weak and unfounded. As part of my preparation, I am learning the Chinese language and the fact that I also know quite a lot about both the American and the Chinese culture will give me an upper hand in creating my business in the America and Asia market.

In brief, my professional experiences have served to boost my confidence concerning my abilities as well as setting up reasonable career goals. It is because I can maintain personal dedication and hard work that is essential in achieving high professional goals. Such diverse experiences have prepared me for the best, and its only a matter of a few years, and I will undoubtedly achieve what I always wanted to accomplish. I feel like I am now able to make more concrete decisions in my life, which otherwise would be difficult in the past.

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