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Topic 10 DQ 4

I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

According to an article published by the Nephrology Nursing journal, the rapidly evolving healthcare field demands sound research evidence to establish clinical practice and improve patient outcomes (Hain, 2015). In order to transition research into practice, not only does it take time it also requires professional recommendation which is often acquired via professional nursing organizations which publish the results and contribute to improved healthcare quality by the use of EBP (Hain, 2015). My research topic consists of public education concerning opioid overdoses and the use of Narcan. Due to the nature of the issue I believe the best professional journal to submit the findings would include the American Heart association. The American Heart Association has a huge amount invested into heart related issues and specializes in providing community-based CPR training. By integrating opioid overdose education and the use of Narcan into the CPR training can be effective in providing community -based education. I would also present the research findings to the American Nursing Association; the ANA has served as a supporter of community- based education as the results to the 2010 IOM report. The ANA has been known to create change in areas with needed improvement. As both the ANA and the American Heart Association are both positive influences for community based training, they would both be effective and supportive in promoting opioid overdose education and the use of Narcan.


Hain, D., & Haras, M. S. (2015). Continuing Nursing Education. Changing Nephrology Nurses’ Beliefs about the Value of Evidence-Based Practice and Their Ability to Implement in Clinical Practice. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 42(6), 563–567. Retrieved from

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