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Topic 7 DQ 5

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

As I am trying to educate nurses on opioid medications including epidemic status, use, misuse and alternative therapies available for post-operative patients on the medical-surgical and postpartum units of my facility to increase confidence levels when providing opioid medications, educating patients on opioid use/misuse and offering alternative therapies. I will provide a survey before and after the education is given to evaluate their knowledge base and comfort level of medicating patients with opioids, educating patients on opioid use/misuse and offering alternative therapies. My plan is to collect the data from the initial survey and then compare the after survey and evaluate the differences. By increasing their knowledge of opioid use, misuse and alternative therapies their confidence level of medicating and educating post-operative patients and offering alternative therapies will increase and the use of opioid medications will decrease. I want to have the data collected to be a starting point for active education and possible implementation of alternative therapies. The lack of knowledge for safe opioid use is influenced when nurses are not knowledgeable about opioids. By providing appropriate and current education on opioids, nurses can provide effective discharge teaching to patients. As opioid analgesics continue to be prescribed for patients after surgical procedures, nurses must be knowledgeable about best practices for patient use of opioids. Improving nurses’ knowledge about opioids will expand their ability to teach patients important information on opioid self-administration and appropriate use outside the healthcare setting(Costello, Thompson, Aurelien, & Luc, 2016). Before making this a huge corporation change other smaller units would need to implement and also conduct their own studies. Hopefully, they will be conclusive and from there we will be able to start the new standardization.


Costello, M., Thompson, S., Aurelien, J., & Luc, T. (2016, September/October). Patient opioid education: Research shows nurses’ knowledge of opioids makes a difference. MEDSURG Nursing, 25(5), 307-311, 333. Retrieved from…

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