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I’m studying for my Physics class and need an explanation.

Hi I need to response here for the two post about electrons and work and there is no specific word count!

1) Electron affinity is defined as the change in energy of a neutral atom after an electron is added to the atom to form a negative ion. In other words, the electron affinity is a measure of the attraction between the incoming electron and the nucleus – the stronger the attraction, the probability of addition of electron increases.

Less amount of energy (work) is needed to for the addition of first electron to the neutral atom. But when more number of electrons are added, atom becomes more electron dense space. This small electron dense space repels further coming electrons and the work required to add further electrons increases rapidly.

2) As we know that a neutral conductor has zero potential or zero charges so to add electrons, we have to provide electric supply or source to a neutral conductor. If we had to add these electrons in a neutral conductor physically one by one, then we will need certain amount of energy for adding these electrons. As we all know that electrons are negatively charge particle. There is no charge present in a conductor so we will add first electron easily without any force of repulsion or attraction. When we add second electron in a conductor then there is a force that repels this second electron also known as force of repulsion. Similar charges repel each other and require high potential energy to enter in the conductor. Same process will occur when we add third and fourth electron. By adding more electrons, the conductor will be negatively charged and has more force of repulsion for the third and fourth electron. Thus, we will need greater potential energy than the force of repulsion to add these electrons in the conductor. For adding the fifth electron we will need more high energy as 4 electrons are present in a conductor and the force of repulsion will be higher for the fifth electron.

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