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Can you help me understand this English question?

1) Basically what were doing is creating a “wakelet profile” which is also like a blog. so you will pic a topic, add pictures, animations or even videos maybe: full prompt and what you will be doing is in the LINK BELOW


For this assignment you should select a person, group of people, issue or a place to write about. The point of this assignment is to bring that subject to life through writing and the use of photos so that you can learn more about the subject while helping readers to see and understand what makes the subject interesting.

The subject you choose may teach you something about yourself; you may be able to explore and clarify why this person or place had an influence on your life and the culture around you. Your call to write can grow from your readers’ need to know or your own. ( full prompt is within the link)

2) i already created a wakelet profile for you to use. once you accept the assignment ill send the username password for the wakelet account.

3) DUE DATES: 26th of June – i need to show some of my class mates my wakelet profile progress and answer some questions ( im gonna do this part my self i just need the wakelet profile or blog to be almost done at that time. so it should be done atleast half way)

3rd of july is when the WHOLE ASSIGNMENT is due.


– wakelet getting started : http://infobunny.com/wakelet-getting-started-guide/

– designing tutorial : https://medium.com/media-and-society-blog-lau-spring-2018/how-to-use-wakelet-fcbe486066c8

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