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I don’t know how to handle this Business Law question and need guidance.

For each of the essay questions below, your response should be no less than 150 words and must address the question completely. This is an individual assignment and original work is expected. Write with understanding and do not just copy from the book. All works used must be cited and referenced, and direct quotes must be indicated as such. Submit each question, followed by your response.

1.California enacted the Wine Fair Dealing Act, which requires out-of-state suppliers of wine to show good cause if they wish to terminate their distributorship.In-state suppliers of wine are exempt from this requirement and can cancel at will.A New York wine supplier sought to end its relationship with a California firm.The California firm, invoking the operative provision of the Wine Fair Dealing Act, objected because the New York supplier had not demonstrated good cause for the termination.The New York supplier argues that this provision of California law violates the commerce clause of the United States Constitution.Is the commerce clause violated?Why or why not?

2.XYZ Corp. is considering a contract to set up a manufacturing plant in Germany.What are some of the clauses they should consider including in such a contract?

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