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I’m trying to learn for my Art & Design class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

ART EXPERIENCE: Line, value, color, texture, pattern, shape, volume, space, motion, and chance exist all around you in nature and in the things that humans make and build.

When you find these visual elements around you, record them with sketches or your camera. For example, look for examples of lines in tree limbs, tall grasses, human hair, veins in leaves, and so on. In the constructed environment, look for tangles of power cords, ribbons, spaghetti, highway lane markings, light poles, power lines, and so on. After you have collected twelve to fifteen examples, make a visual diary of all you have found.

You will be creating your own “visual diary” or collection of photos (as seen in my example of line below). You will have to take your own photos, arrange them just as you see below, and then explain how they are examples of the visual element that you are showing us.

Include this visual diary as a series of a few Instagram layout “pictures”. Please describe the visual element that you are identifying. Each “image” should have a few photos, that are all describing the same visual element.

Below is one “image”, with a few photos all illustrating examples of LINE.

line layout

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