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Artwork Research and Recreation

Option B

Please pick a famous artwork either from your book, from one of the videos or the getty. Once you have selected your artwork you will need to do an analysis of the artwork. Write about how the artist uses the elements of art and principles of design. How do these elements and principles support the content of the artwork? What do you get from viewing this artwork (emotions, feelings, etc)? Your paper needs to be 1 1/2 to 2 pages long plus the recreation of the artwork.

Tell me the following about the artwork you chose:

• Who the artist is & the title
• The medium being used (watercolor, oil painting, sculpture, mixed media, etc.),
• The subject matter, whether it is representational, abstract or non-objective work.
• What type of line was used, color scheme, scale, how was texture, balance used, etc.,
• Break it down using Elements of Art and Principles of Design when discussing the artworks.

Then discuss what you think the content of the work is.
• What style did the artist use to convey their message?
• How does the form help to express the content?
• What do you think it means?
• What message do you think the artist was trying to convey?
• What’s the story if there is one?
• Was the artist successful or unsuccessful in getting the message across?
• Would you have done anything differently to get the message across?

For the second part of your paper, you will need to recreate the artwork you discussed in your paper. You may have seen people posting articles and images on Facebook and Instagram about this. I would like for you all to do this as well with your artwork. It’s your chance to get creative. Make sure to include both the original artwork and your recreation in your paper. You will be graded on your effort creativity for this part of the project. The paper is worth 70 pts and the recreation of the artwork is 30 pts.

Please read the following article “Getty Artworks Recreated with Household Items by Create Geniuses the World Over” (Links to an external site.) by Sarah Waldorf and Annelisa Stephan.

Search the internet for a famous artwork that you can recreate.
Save that image to your phone, laptop, etc.
Recreate the artwork and take a photo of your recreation.
Please upload a picture of the famous artwork you chose and then your version.
Describe how you used FOUR of the Visual Elements (line, shape, color, value, texture, space, etc.)
Have fun with this! I can’t wait to see you exercise your creativity!


(This is a good example from a student in Art Appreciation, Fall 2020. The student recreated Monet’s Haystacks with muffins and powdered sugar.)

Remember that you will need to cite the source of where you got the original photo. Please see the instructions below on how to create proper MLA citations.

The college uses NoodleTools to create proper citations. The guide has step-by-step instructions as well as videos to help you cite your sources. Library Resources on the Navigation Bar has research-based articles and books specifically for your class and topics. If you have questions on how to cite sources or create your works cited page, please contact the Butler Library. You can get help immediately by chatting with a librarian about your research questions.

El Dorado Library 316-322-3234

Andover Library 316-218-6371

email <email is hidden>

Getty, J. Paul Getty Trust, Mar. 2020, Accessed 24 Mar. 2021.

Claude Monet Paintings, Biography, and Quotes. <link is hidden> 2010, <link is hidden> Accessed 24 Mar. 2021.

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